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The most Luxurious meditation Retraite, you will ever find. 


Exclusive for you!
  • people who want to enjoy privacy
  • people who want to enjoy luxury during a weekend away or their vacation.
  • People who want to experience outside air. People who still want to hear sounds of nature.
  • People who want to eat healthy and delicious.
  • People who want a romantic weekend with all privacy.
  • People who need relaxation with massage and qigong.
  • People who work hard and make long hours that find it difficult to be free.
  • People who are mentally tired but also for people who are physically tired.
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This is your  Next Getaway

wooden washand basins with copper taps. Screen in front of shower.
Nice comfortable seats for reading or watching TV

Barefoot therapy:

We all know that walking barefoot has a healing effect. During this weekend meditation retreat you feel free to walk barefoot through the grass. Walk among the trees and if you feel like it, you can even hug a tree. Several studies have shown that inhaling the dust from different trees strengthens your immune system. Enjoy a body massage at your meditation chalet or indoors, where you will also find the sauna and jacuzzi. There will be guided meditations twice a day and it can be outside or inside.

Hot Stone Massage fantastic massage for winter days.

When you Rent a Chalet: let's do bed and Brunch. We want you to catch a great sleep.

A Meditation wellness retreat in beautiful Fryslan

Here is where you will find  heaven on earth 


Meditate among the trees, lying on your back, listening to bird sounds and the wind across the flat landscape. Or you experience the silence of the country, peace, tranquility and tranquility.

What is our secret behind this peaceful concept ( never more than 4 guests ) psst...keep it quiet for it is.. a secret

What is there to do here?
Sauna, jacuzzi, sunbed, fitness, infrared cabin (november)

Sauna needs to be booked.

But there is much more, it is beautiful in the vicinity of two pleasant villages of Koudum and Workum, water sports par excellence. Don't forget the cozy terraces and shops. Take your bikes with you because here you can cycle and enjoy the wind in your hair.  

New Infrared Sauna: Full Spectrum 

This Very luxurious 2-person infrared sauna Oslo with 8 Full Spectrum infrared heaters (of which 4 adjustable) and 2 carbon magnesium heating plates. As a result, this sauna is super fast at temperature the sauna is equipped with two ergonomic seats with a backrest. An infrared sauna is illuminating when using muscle and joint pains.

The infrared cabin warms up very quickly and is ready for use in a few minutes. The cabin is equipped with a radio MP3 with Bluetooth and has a reading light

. The cabin is also equipped with light therapy with which you can effectively combat complaints such as fatigue, gloom, and little energy in the winter.

Infrared has been specially designed for people with muscles and joints such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. The infrared cabins are also popular with athletes to relieve or prevent muscle pain and mental relaxation. To

Feandyk 2, 8724LG, It Heidenskip "it Paradyske" Friesland , The Netherlands

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