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it Paradyske

We got the idea when our friends kept saying this is a little paradise "it Paradyske" and after 15 years of having the pleasure of living here and having everything to ourselves, we want to share it with people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city or the office. Maybe the two of you want to have a romantic quiet time. We have decided that we do not want more than 4 extra people on the site to assure our customers that there will be peace and quiet. (Unfortunately we cannot do anything about the farmers' tractors, but they always work elsewhere.) You can enjoy the sauna and jacuzzi. Look forward to your massage and much more. Here you can still hear the birds and the bees, enjoy the misty rain on your skin, you can smell the air during sun and rain. When you see the stars so brightly, they hurt your eyes, you can hear the frog calling their partner at night. And when you've had it all, you can go to sleep after a soothing healing meditation.

Scholars disagree: is It Heidenskip now a village or a hamlet of Workum? Or a polder with a house here and there and Brandeburen as a residential core? Whatever the name, It Heidenskip has just under four hundred inhabitants and is located between the Fluessen, Koudum, and Workum in the beautiful Southwest corner of Fryslân. History Originally the residential center was called Brandeburen, while the region was called "It Heidenskip". It used to be a swampy area with many pools and puddles. Over the centuries, a layer of peat was formed, making the area habitable. Today It Heidenskip is a predominantly agricultural community. Places of interest It Heidenskip is an attraction mainly because of its vastness, tranquility, space, nature, and location. The same applies to the Brandeburen residential center with its compact buildings and the paths along the canal that are full of ships and boats. Not least because of the direct connection with the Fluessen. Living and living The population of It Heidenskip has fluctuated around 375 for years. A number that, despite the village expansion on the Heideskipsterdyk, has not changed significantly. Nevertheless, the village has a rich club life, a primary school, a village hall and it also enjoys sporting fame thanks to the annual fierljep and tug of war competitions. It Heidenskip is one of the most remarkable villages in Friesland. Elsewhere, the rural village area hangs at the core, here the vast and sparsely populated region counts and the core, Brandeburen in the southeast, is the icing on the cake. The region lies to the south of Workum, between the Sneek-Stavoren and the Fluessen railway line, and has always belonged to this city. The name can probably be traced back to the term: wildland. You wouldn't say it now because the (sometimes monumental) farms are scattered in the neat, wide landscape. Close to Brandeburen is also the neighborhood De Hel, but that devilishness is compensated by the farm Sint-Ursula, from which the pool in the middle of Het Heidwezen also owes its name. In the south, the buildings on the banks of the Heidenskipster Feart have danced into the picturesque residential center of Brandeburen with paths along the canal and compact buildings of modest houses, between which the equally simple reformed church with tower forms a highlight. Although the whole exudes an atmosphere of a bygone era, Brandeburen is a young settlement. The map sheet of the region from 1851 in Eekhoff's atlas only shows a transfer at the 'Oude School' and two buildings. The canal is always full of ships and boats, there is a direct connection with the Fluessen across the Hofmeer. Friesland: undoubtedly the most idiosyncratic province in the Netherlands. And according to many also the most beautiful. It is not without reason that Friesland is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Although it can be quite busy in some places in the summer, Friesland in general is synonymous with space and tranquility. Nowhere in the Netherlands will you find such a great variety in landscapes as in Friesland. The impressive tidal area of ​​the Wadden, the Wadden Islands with their endless beaches, the beautiful, still largely undiscovered terps area, the unique scenic landscape of the Northern Frisian Woods, the forests in the southeast of the province and in the beautifully sloping Gaasterland, the beautiful IJsselmeer coast and of course the famous Frisian Lakes ..

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