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What is a Retreat ? 

To retreat is a way of stepping back from ordinary living to take time to renew,  reflect, and recenter one’s life.

Massage and Meditation Retreat

Chalet 1 chalet is located in the cozy front garden next to the gym where you can exercise whenever you want and opposite the jacuzzi 38 degrees. The entrance after the sauna and jacuzzi is within viewing distance. The room has 2 delicious box springs with a suspension bottom, a medical mattress with a top mattress, the beds are 90 cm x 200cm that we can move against each other when you come with a partner. Then you have a wonderfully very large bed of 180 x 200 cm. Your bed has a warm comforter with a silk duvet cover. We have taken measures by laying good mattresses on the resilient box spring. Furthermore, the chalet is equipped with: pellet stove for heating and a cozy flame 55 inch TV screen closed telephone system so that we can call you for your message, meditation, or perhaps a booking made by you. Closed shower cubicle washbasin separate toilet Private terrace

Included in this package:
2 x massages per person 1x 60 min 1x neck, shoulders, and back
2x guided meditations per day (optional)
Sauna with an appointment
Jacuzzi 38 degrees
2x breakfast in chalet
2x lunch on the terrace
2x evening eating the hay loft
Based on interest there is yoga, qigong or a fitness lesson.
coffee and tea

Total = 345 per person for two evenings
Friday checking in at 3 p.m. and
Check out at 6:00 PM

Let’s Work Together and enjoy life.

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